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How to Craft The Perfect Teenage Modeling Portfolio

How to Craft The Perfect Teenage Modeling Portfolio

Are you a young model looking to break into the industry? An impressive portfolio is essential for any aspiring model, regardless of age. However, crafting the perfect teenage modeling portfolio can be challenging. It needs to showcase your unique look and personality while highlighting why potential clients should choose you over other models.

Fortunately, several steps can help you create an eye-catching and professional portfolio that will make agents take notice. From selecting photos that show off your best features to developing relationships with photographers, this guide outlines all the tips and tricks necessary for crafting the perfect teenage modeling portfolio.

What is a Teenage Modeling Portfolio?

A teenage modeling portfolio is an album or compilation of photos that showcase your unique look, personality, and skill set. It helps agents and clients visualize the kind of work you can do and how you present yourself in front of the camera.

Your portfolio should be tailored to each client or project, but a few standard items are often included. These include headshots, full-body shots, and close-up beauty shots or lifestyle images.

What Should a Teenage Modeling Portfolio Contain?

Having the right images in your portfolio is essential. When selecting photos, think about the work you want to do and find pictures that reflect that. For example, if you’re looking to get into editorial modeling, you should have a selection of images with different poses and angles that show off your unique look and style. But there are some shots that every new face should include.

Headshot or Beauty Shot

Headshot or Beauty Shot for a Teenage Modeling Portfolio

Headshots are essential for any model’s portfolio. A headshot is a close-up photo of your face taken from the front or side and should capture your personality and look. This shot is meant to capture your natural look and should be free of makeup and heavy styling. Instead, aim to position your head at different angles to show off your features.

Profile Shot

Teenage modeling portfolio Profile Shot

Profile shots can be a key component of any modeling portfolio. Showing off the various angles of your facial structure and your figure in all its full-body glory will help you stand out from the competition. Whether you focus on tight headshots or fuller-length poses, taking a shot from the side gives the viewer a more three-dimensional perspective.


mid-shot for a modeling portfolio teenagers

One of the most important elements in a modeling portfolio is the diverse inclusion of a mid-shot! This provides key visual information to potential agents, clients, and photographers so they can accurately assess a model’s full range of abilities. While headshots focus on the model’s face, mid-shots allow us to see the model from head to hips. From their height and body type to their poses and energy, these shots provide crucial insight into how a model works on camera.

This type of shot showcases a model’s ability to execute multiple techniques, from styling and movement to facial expressions. As such, mid-shots can make all the difference when making an impression on industry professionals.

Full-Length Shots

Full-Length Shots

When it comes to putting together an eye-catching modeling portfolio, full-length shots are often essential. Showing yourself from head to toe in the modeling world is key. In addition, full-length shots show off your outfit choices and give the viewer a chance to get a sense of scale – something that can be hard to catch with headshots alone.

Whether you opt for studio portrait photography or more expressive outdoor photoshoots, having full-length shots in your portfolio will make all the difference in getting noticed and achieving success in this competitive industry.

Creative & Candid Shots

Creative and Candid Shots

Creative and candid shots provide a unique opportunity to showcase the qualities of any model in its portfolio. The photographer can take advantage of some fun angles to show the dynamism of the individual and capture emotions that portray a warm presence and easy-going attitude.

Such shots are designed to pique the interest of potential clients when they first examine a modeling portfolio, giving them an insight into the type of model portrayed and their role as brand representatives.

By adding a sense of genuineness and authenticity to each photo, this type of shot can perfectly enhance any portfolio, providing recruiters with another way to appreciate your modeling skills.

What Should a Teenager Wear for a Modeling Portfolio?

The outfits you choose for your modeling portfolio are key to creating a memorable impression. However, remember that your modeling portfolio is about you, not your outfits. Hence, choosing simple, muted, and timeless clothing is best.


Girls should opt for fitted yet comfortable clothing such as tank tops, jeans, or elegant dresses. Make sure the clothing you choose shows off your figure without being revealing. Turtlenecks, plain T-shirts, and jeans are also great options.


For boys, the go-to outfit is casual but stylish. Opt for fitted sweaters and long sleeve shirts with dark jeans or chinos. Avoid overly flashy clothing, as it can be distracting in a modeling portfolio.

No matter what you choose, ensure that your outfits are clean and well-ironed for the best results!

Creating a Teenage Modeling Portfolio Yourself

It’s a common misconception that you need a professional photographer to create an impressive modeling portfolio. On the contrary, you can take stunning photos with the right smartphone and basic natural lighting know-how.

Choosing The Right Time to Photograph a Teenage Modeling Portfolio

The best time to take teenage modeling portfolio pictures is when the sun is not too bright, and there are no harsh shadows. Early mornings or evenings usually provide the most flattering light, while cloudy days are great for outdoor shoots.

  • Best Time to Photograph in the Morning: Between 8:00 am – 10:30 am.
  • Best Time to Photograph in the Evening: Between 4:30 – 7:00 pm.

Hair and Makeup for Your Teenage Modeling Portfolio

Being natural is key when it comes to a teenage modeling portfolio. Hair should be neatly styled and not heavily gelled. Accentuate your facial features with subtle makeup, such as light eyeliner and lip gloss for girls, and boys should opt for a natural look with subtle hair products.

Choose Poses

Posing shows off your body and abilities and allows you to express yourself. Scroll through Pinterest for pose references and ideas, then practice them in the mirror before your photoshoot.

  • Type in Modeling Poses on Pinterest
  • Choose poses based on the theme of your photoshoot, such as casual or commercial.
  • Don’t forget to add some close-up shots and a few headshots too!

Choosing The Lighting

Choosing the time of day is perfect for an outdoor shoot, especially if it is cloudy. Avoid harsh shadows and aim for soft, natural lighting. For indoor shots, use natural light coming in from windows. By standing close to a window, you will get diffused light, creating a flattering look. You can also experiment with artificial lighting, like a ring light.

You Do Not Need a Pro Camera – Smartphones Do an Excellent Job

A professional camera and lens are great, but it’s unnecessary. Smartphones have advanced cameras that produce vibrant images. In addition, iPhones and Android Smartphones take high-resolution photos, so you can easily take your modeling portfolio shots. Here are a few tips for taking good pictures with your smartphone:

  • Always shoot and mid-height. For example, take the photo at chest or head level for a flattering shot.
  • Try to keep your phone as steady as possible when taking photos. You can use a tripod if needed.
  • Use natural light whenever you can, but don’t forget about artificial lighting too!
  • Finally, take lots of shots – even after you think the photoshoot is over! You never know what you’ll get, so take as many photos as possible.

Choosing a Setup & Background

Plain backgrounds work best in modeling portfolio photos, as they don’t distract from the subject. If you are shooting outdoors, choose a neutral background, such as a wall or fence. Indoors, use a white wall or sheet for the backdrop and experiment with different angles and perspectives!

Hiring a Professional Photographer for a Teenage Modeling Portfolio

Hiring a professional photographer will give you high-quality images if you have the budget. Professional photographers have the equipment and expertise to create stunning photos that showcase your best features. Plus, they can also offer advice on choosing outfits and poses!

How Much do Photographers Charge for a Modeling Portfolio?

Photographer charges differ based on city, country, and expertise or support. Generally, you can expect to pay around $50 – $200 USD or $75 – $250 CAD per hour. For a more detailed insight, refer to the table below.

CityAverage Cost of a Modeling Portfolio
New York City$600 – $800 (USD)
Los Angeles$500 – $700 (USD)
Miami$400 – $650 (USD)
Chicago$300 – $550 (USD)
Atlanta$200 – $500 (USD)
Toronto$600 – $800 (CAD)
Montreal$500 – $650 (CAD)
Vancouver$600 – $700 (CAD)

How Many Photos Should be Included in a Teenage Modeling Portfolio?

Between 8 – 10 images should be included in a teenage modeling portfolio. These images should showcase different aspects of your personality and skills and cover a range of styles.

The Bottom Line

Creating a modeling portfolio for teens is an exciting process. Capturing the right poses, lighting, and backgrounds can help you create stunning images that showcase your best features. And if you’re tight on budget, taking pictures with your smartphone can still produce excellent results! Good luck in creating a portfolio that will make heads turn!


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