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The Best Modeling Agencies in Calgary

Searching for the perfect modeling agency in Calgary involves many factors, including reputation, opportunities, and professional development. Each agency brings its own unique advantages to the table, from portfolio management to casting calls. Ahead, we’ll explore what makes an agency stand out, focusing on elements that can significantly influence a model’s career trajectory.

Patti Falconer Agency

Patti Falconer Agency

Patti Falconer Agency has been in the business since 1968, making it one of the oldest talent management agencies in Alberta. Located at 2523 17 Avenue Southwest in Calgary, the agency caters to models at every stage of their careers. For those just starting out, development programs are available. These include training in posing and instruction on how to walk the runway. This agency is known for its longstanding history and its commitment to developing fresh talent.

Monica Model Management

Monica Model Management

Run by Eduard Soponar, Monica Model Management aims to be a different kind of agency. Eduard Soponar initiated his career in Calgary’s fashion industry and decided to create an agency focused on inclusivity. Situated at 534 17 AVE SW, Suite 401, the agency seeks to empower people by acknowledging individual skills and aspirations. Monica Model Management stands out for its inclusivity and its commitment to fostering individual talents.

The Numa Network

The Numa Network

Since 2006, The Numa Network has maintained its base in Calgary, Canada, but its influence extends far beyond the local scene. This platform for artist representation promotes creativity, craft, and innovative thinking. Unlike traditional agencies, Numa considers itself a global network, facilitating collaboration among creative talents. The Numa Network distinguishes itself by functioning as a collective of artistic individuals who encourage innovation and creativity in various fields.

Mode Models International

Mode Models International

Founded by Kelly Streit at the young age of 20, Mode Models International has ascended the ranks to become one of the most significant talent agencies not only in Calgary but also in the larger industry. With offices in both Calgary and Edmonton, the agency discovers and promotes talent at high levels. The Calgary office can be found at #850, 933 – 17 Avenue SW. The agency’s broad influence and its knack for discovering talent have contributed to its reputation as a leader in the field.

Comparing and Contrasting Agencies

To fully appreciate the distinct characteristics of each agency, it’s important to consider their unique offerings. Patti Falconer Agencies is particularly known for its comprehensive training modules. With its focus on honing the skills of new entrants to the modeling industry, this agency serves as a launchpad for beginners.

Monica Model Management prioritizes an inclusive atmosphere. It distinguishes itself by offering an environment that recognizes and encourages individual talents and aspirations, thus providing a nurturing space for all kinds of models.

The Numa Network transcends the traditional structure of a talent agency by operating as a global collective. This approach facilitates collaboration across various creative fields, thereby broadening the scope and reach of individual talents affiliated with the network.

Mode Models International specializes in scouting talents who can operate at the highest echelons of the modeling industry. Its international presence makes it a favorable choice for those aspiring for a global career.

Programs and Development: Specifics and Objectives

Patti Falconer Agencies aims to equip newcomers with fundamental skills through its development programs. These classes provide comprehensive guidance in posing and runway walking. The program ensures that new entrants gain hands-on experience, thus preparing them for various kinds of modeling assignments.

Monica Model Management provides more than just work opportunities; it invests in the growth of its talents. The agency organizes activities and sessions that are aimed at instilling a sense of empowerment, so models can fully capitalize on their individual skills and abilities.

Leadership and Management: Shaping the Agencies

The leadership behind each agency shapes its direction and scope. Kelly Streit, the founder of Mode Models International, started the agency at a young age, and his enthusiasm and vision have been driving forces behind its success. The agency’s primary objective is to discover and nurture talent that can make a mark on international platforms. The leadership focuses on grooming candidates who are suited for high-profile assignments across borders.

In contrast, The Numa Network operates under a different model. It functions more like a collective than a traditional agency, aligning itself with a broader array of creative talents. This approach offers greater flexibility and access to a range of opportunities in various artistic sectors.

Location and Accessibility: More Than Just Addresses

The agencies are situated in Calgary but differ in terms of their locations’ specific advantages. Patti Falconer Agencies and Mode Models International are longstanding fixtures in the community, providing them with deep-rooted connections and a large client base in the local area. Their locations are well-known, making them easily accessible to prospective models.

Monica Model Management and The Numa Network, although newer, have strategically chosen their locations to be accessible, busy parts of the city. This attracts a diverse pool of talent and clients, contributing to their unique positioning in the industry.

How to Choose the Right Modeling Agency in Calgary

When it comes to choosing a modeling agency in Calgary, a variety of options are available. The process involves several steps, and each step has its own importance. Below are comprehensive guidelines to assist you in making an informed decision.

Research, Research, Research

Conducting thorough research is the foundation of your agency selection process. You should look into each agency’s credibility, reputation, and the kinds of opportunities they offer. A simple Google search can provide initial insights, while industry blogs, online forums, and testimonials offer deeper perspectives.

Assessing Size, Reputability, and Track Record

The size and reputation of an agency often correlate with its track record in the modeling industry. Agencies with a history of success are generally more reliable. An agency’s size can indicate the volume and variety of work it can offer. Smaller agencies might provide more personalized attention, while larger ones might offer a broader range of opportunities.

Website and Social Media Examination

These days, an agency’s website serves as its digital storefront. Check for essential details like services offered, client lists, and contact information. A well-maintained site reflects professionalism.

Social media platforms can also be informative. Review the agency’s recent projects and collaborations to gauge the level and variety of work you might expect. Look for consistent posts and high-quality content that showcase their models and work.

Evaluating Client Lists and Success Stories

An agency’s client list can reveal a lot about the kind of work you could potentially book. Agencies associated with reputable brands are often more reliable. Besides client lists, some agencies also highlight success stories of models they’ve represented. This can give you a sense of the agency’s capability to manage and promote careers successfully.

Types of Models Represented

Agencies often specialize in different types of modeling—such as fashion, commercial, or plus-size. It’s vital to choose an agency that aligns with your career aspirations. For instance, if you aspire to be a fashion model, look for agencies that focus on fashion gigs or have strong connections within that sector.

Networking: Industry Connections and Alliances

An agency’s network can significantly impact your exposure and work opportunities. Agencies with strong industry relationships can offer more diverse gigs and might even help you break into difficult markets. These connections can be invaluable for a model trying to establish a foothold in the industry.

Navigating Contract Terms and Agreements

Reading the contract carefully is necessary before committing to an agency. Look for terms related to commission rates, contract duration, and any exclusivity clauses. Some contracts might include hidden fees that you should be aware of. Make sure the contract terms align with your career goals to avoid conflicts later on.

Professionalism in Interaction and Communication

Pay attention to how the agency communicates from the first interaction. Are they professional and responsive? Are your queries answered in a straightforward and clear manner? Good communication is often an indicator of how the agency conducts its business.

Being Cautious: Red Flags

A few warning signs should make you reconsider an agency. High upfront fees, lack of transparency, and immediate pressure to sign a contract are red flags. Additionally, read reviews and look for any negative feedback about the agency. Poor reputation and unprofessional behavior are strong indicators to look elsewhere.

Is an Agency Legitimate? Find out with our Tool

The Modeling Agency Scam Checker Tool assists in evaluating a modeling agency by examining specific aspects of its operation. It prompts you to consider how the agency communicates its offers, the transparency of its requirements for portfolios, and its fee structure. This can aid in forming an objective view of the agency’s practices.


In summary, the selection of a modeling agency in Calgary is a serious decision that carries long-term implications for your career. This exploration aimed to provide you with the tools to make an informed choice. The industry is continually shifting, and staying updated on the latest trends and agency offerings can serve you well.


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