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B&M Models Toronto Review

B&M Models Toronto Review

Finding the right modeling agency can be a challenging process, but it’s essential to find one that is a good fit for you. When it comes to Toronto, there are a variety of agencies available. But, identifying which one is the best for you can seem like a daunting task.

So, let’s jump in and find out more about the top model agency in Toronto: B&M Models.

About B&M Models

B&M Models is a top Toronto modeling agency that has been in business for over 40 years. They are a boutique agency, which means they purposefully have a small roster of models. This ensures that each of their models receives individual attention and care.

B&M Models is located in Toronto’s Fashion District and works with some of the top brands in the city. Their models have appeared in editorials for Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. They have also been featured in Ralph Lauren, Versace, and Chanel campaigns.

B&M Roster of Models

The agency’s roster is filled with men and women of all ages and backgrounds. B&M Models takes pride in the diversity of their models and the fact that they can represent a wide range of people.

B&M’s models have had successful careers, both in Canada and internationally. Many of their models have worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry and have been featured in major publications and advertising campaigns.

The inclusion of Curvy and XXL models sets B&M apart from other Toronto modeling agencies. They are committed to representing the full range of body types and skin colors, ensuring that models of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds feel welcome at B&M Models.


B&M Roster of Models - Men

B&M represents over 32 men, which is rather diverse. It’s not common for an agency to represent a large swath of men, but B&M includes men from various backgrounds and ethnicities.


B&M Roster of Models - Women

The women’s roster at B&M Models is equally diverse. They have an impressive group of curvy and plus-size models and women of all ethnicities. This is what makes B&M stand out – they offer representation to all types of women, something that not every modeling agency in Toronto can say.

New Faces Division

B&M Roster of Models - New Faces

B&M’s talent division, New Faces Division, is designed to help young models get their start in the industry. They offer mentoring and portfolio-building opportunities. Newcomers need to have a robust support system, and B&M is focused on providing that to their models.

Is B&M Models a Legitimate Agency?

Several factors help determine whether or not an agency is legitimate. These include the number of years it has been in business, the size and diversity of its roster, the quality of its models, and its relationships with major brands.

So, let’s look at each of these factors to see if B&M Models meets the criteria for a legitimate modeling agency.

Model Roster Diversity

B&M Models has a diverse roster of both male and female models, representing all body types and ethnicities. This makes the agency stand out from other Toronto modeling agencies and is indicative of its commitment to diversity.

Agency Recruitment Process

Applying to B&M Models is straightforward. You can simply submit your headshot and personal information on the agency website as an aspiring model. They do not require a professional portfolio. Instead, they provide a guide to taking pictures by yourself for submission, which is very helpful if you’re just getting started.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews

B&M Models has only 8 Google Reviews with 4.5 stars. This is an indication of a very selective agency that does not take on just anyone. The positive reviews indicate professionalism, while the singular negative review mentions a lack of work expected in the industry.


The B&M Models website is sleek and professional, which shows that professionals run the agency. In addition, it includes a portfolio of models from their roster, showcasing their diversity.

Model Portfolio Quality

The models on B&M’s website have high-quality portfolios. This makes it enticing for potential brands and publications to work with their roster of models.

Legitimate or Not?

Based on the factors we’ve looked at, it’s safe to say that B&M Models is a legitimate agency. The inclusion of a diverse roster, transparent application process, and high-quality portfolios are all indicative of a professional and reputable agency. If you’re looking for representation in Toronto, B&M Models is a great option.

B&M Models Checklist

We’ll dive into the common modeling agency red flags, so you can determine for yourself if B&M is the right agency for you!

Photo Mill

A photo mill is a type of modeling agency that takes advantage of aspiring models. They lure in new models with the promise of representation and then require them to pay high fees for photoshoots. The photos from these shoots are then used to create phony portfolios that are presented to brands and publications. As a result, the models rarely get any work.

Is B&M Models a Photo Mill?

No, B&M Models is not a photo mill. We can confidently say this because the agency does not require models to pay for photoshoots. Instead, they guide how to take your pictures for submission. This shows that they are not interested in taking advantage of aspiring models. Additionally, they provide recommendations for photographer choices and let the model decide who they want to work with based on their budget.

Up-Front Fees

Some modeling agencies will ask for an up-front fee before representing you. This is a major red flag as legitimate agencies should not require payment before getting you work.

Do B&M Models ask for Upfront Fees?

No, B&M Models does not require an up-front fee. You can submit your application for free, and you will only be asked to pay once you get work from the agency. This clarifies that B&M is not a scam or a photo mill, which is common in the industry.

Mall Scouting Recruitment Process

Mall scouting is when an agency recruiter approaches you in a public place, such as a mall, and asks if you’re interested in modeling. Scam agencies often use this recruitment process as it’s an easy way to target potential victims.

Is B&M Models a Mall Scouting Agency?

No, B&M Models is not a mall scouting agency. We can say this with confidence because the application process is entirely online. There is no mention of recruitment in public places, which scam agencies often use.

Forced Signing of Contracts

Some modeling agencies will try to force you into signing a contract. This is often done by promising representation and then asking you to sign a contract that includes hidden fees or clauses. This is a major red flag as it’s a way for the agency to take advantage of aspiring models.

Does B&M Models Force You to Sign?

No, B&M Models does not force you to sign a contract. The application process is entirely online, and there is no mention of a contract. This shows that the agency is not interested in taking advantage of aspiring models.

The Bottom Line

Overall, B&M Models appears to be a legitimate and reputable agency. They have transparent application requirements and do not require up-front fees for representation. If you’re looking for modeling representation in Toronto, we recommend checking out B&M Models!