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Best Modeling Agencies in Boston

Best Modeling Agencies in Boston

The right advice, pathway, and direction is required for women and men beginning their modeling careers. Modeling agencies are usually the best first step on this career path. Like any other metropolitan, Boston has more than a few modeling agencies. So, how do you figure out which agency is good for you as a model or your child that you want to introduce to the modeling industry?

Here, we look at the best modeling agencies in Boston and what makes them the go-to for newcomers or established models in the city.

Recommended AgenciesApply to Become a ModelAddress
Maggie IncMaggie Inc. Submissions Page35 Newbury St #5, Boston, MA 02116, United States
WSM TalentWSM Submissions Page28 Inn St, Newburyport, MA 01950
Model Club Inc.Model Club Submissions Page132 Boylston St #2, Boston, MA 02116
Andrew Wilson Agency, LLCContact PageN/A

Maggie Inc.

Maggie Inc.

Maggie Inc. stands out as a model management agency in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded with the vision of representing a diverse range of talent, it has continually embraced inclusivity. This agency represents individuals across various demographics, including teens to seniors, and is notable for its wide range of sizes, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and looks. This diverse representation ensures that models from all backgrounds have a platform in the fashion industry.

The agency’s expertise is not limited to high fashion alone. They have a robust presence in booking models for print and runway, catering to a vast array of clients. Moreover, Maggie Inc.’s affiliation with SAG-AFTRA elevates its status, allowing it to extend its offerings to commercials, TV, and film work. This diversification of services demonstrates the agency’s adaptability and commitment to providing comprehensive opportunities for its models.

Since its acquisition by Robert Casey in 2011, Maggie Inc. has continued to flourish. Under Casey’s leadership, who had previously worked under founder Maggie Trichon, the agency has cemented its place as a leader in promoting barrier-breaking models and advocating for body positivity. This approach is particularly influential in today’s society, where there is a growing emphasis on breaking traditional modeling stereotypes and embracing all forms of beauty.

WSM Talent

WSM Talent

Webb Sweeney Murphy Talent (WSM Talent) is a prominent agency in the Boston area, distinguished by its unique approach to modeling. Many of its agents have firsthand experience as models, providing them with an invaluable perspective on the industry. This experience is a significant asset, as it enables them to offer practical and empathetic guidance to their clients.

WSM Talent is well-versed in representing a wide range of talent. This includes not only models but also musicians and artists in commercials, television, film, and voiceover. Their SAG and AEA franchising adds a layer of prestige and reliability, ensuring that they adhere to high industry standards.

The agency’s dedication to its clients is evident in its commitment to the art of advertising. This focus highlights its understanding of the integral role of models and artists in shaping and influencing advertising campaigns. By nurturing talent and fostering a supportive environment, WSM Talent plays a critical role in the careers of many individuals in the modeling and entertainment industries.

Model Club Inc.

Model Club Inc.

Model Club Inc. is a licensed and SAG Franchised Agency with a significant presence in New England and New York City. It has a broad reach, representing models and talent of all ages. This inclusivity ensures that individuals at various stages of their careers have access to quality representation.

The agency’s models have graced major runway shows and appeared in local and national print advertisements, catalogs, and billboards. This exposure is important for models looking to establish or expand their portfolios. Furthermore, their actors have featured in movies shot in Boston and numerous national TV commercials, showcasing the agency’s ability to provide diverse opportunities for its talent.

Having been an established institution in Boston for over 20 years, Model Club Inc. is recognized as one of New England’s fastest-growing modeling and talent agencies. This growth is a testament to its success in nurturing and promoting talent, highlighting its effectiveness in guiding models and actors to achieve their professional goals.

Andrew Wilson Agency, LLC

Andrew Wilson Agency, LLC

The Andrew Wilson Agency, LLC is a notable talent agency focusing on professional on-camera actors and voice-over artists. With operations in NYC, Boston, and LA, the agency offers broad geographical coverage, ensuring its talent has access to a variety of markets. Founded in 2014, it has quickly established a reputation for its dedicated representation and management of talent.

The agency’s specialization in various areas, including SAG-AFTRA, voiceover, film/television, and modeling, allows for a focused approach to career development. Their expertise in these fields ensures that their clients receive guidance that is tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Andrew Wilson Agency’s commitment to its talent is a defining characteristic. This commitment is reflected in the personalized attention and strategic career planning provided to each individual. Their ability to maintain a strong focus on their clients’ aspirations and career trajectories makes them a valuable partner for anyone looking to advance in the modeling and entertainment industries.

How to Select a Modeling Agency in Boston

Initiating Your Search with Research

The first step in choosing a modeling agency in Boston involves thorough research. It’s essential to explore agencies with a professional online presence. A legitimate website should display their portfolio, models, and clear contact information. Agencies lacking an online presence or with subpar websites may not be as reputable. In Boston, notable agencies like Model Club Inc. and Maggie Inc. are examples of organizations with a strong and legitimate online presence.

Understanding Through Reviews and Testimonials

Gathering insights from reviews and testimonials is vital. These can be found on various platforms and provide perspectives from models and industry professionals. This information often sheds light on the agency’s reputation and their treatment of talent, offering a more comprehensive understanding of what it’s like to work with them.

Seeking Advice from Industry Professionals

Consulting with established models, photographers, makeup artists, and others in the industry can be invaluable. These professionals can share their experiences and possibly recommend agencies with which they’ve had positive interactions. This network can be a rich source of firsthand information and guidance.

The Importance of Open Calls and Go-Sees

Attending open calls or go-sees presents an opportunity to meet agency representatives directly. This interaction allows for a first-hand assessment of their professionalism and offers a chance to ask pertinent questions. These events are often critical in making informed decisions about potential representation.

Contract Review: A Critical Step

Upon finding a promising agency, it’s vital to scrutinize any contracts they offer. Attention to detail is key, especially regarding terms and conditions. It’s important to remember that legitimate agencies do not require upfront payments. Always ensure clarity and understanding before agreeing to any contractual terms.

Aligning with the Agency’s Specialization

Agencies often specialize in specific modeling sectors like high fashion, commercial, or plus-size. It’s important for a model to align their personal career goals with the agency’s focus. This alignment is required for a mutually beneficial relationship and career growth.

Steering Clear of Scams

Awareness and caution are essential to avoid falling prey to scams. Red flags include requests for upfront fees, promises of guaranteed work, high-pressure tactics, and demands for payment for photographs. A legitimate agency profits from the work it secures for its models, not from upfront payments.

Finding the Right Fit

The ideal agency for any model is one that not only aligns with their career aspirations but also maintains a reputable standing and treats its talent with respect. Through diligent research and careful consideration, models can find an agency that provides robust support and guidance in their professional journey.

Evaluate an Agency with a Scam Checker Tool

Those considering a modeling agency can use our Modeling Agency Scam Checker to analyze the agency’s approach. It looks at several critical factors, such as the nature of work offers, portfolio-related costs, and the method of initial contact. The tool’s purpose is to provide a detailed review of these factors, which could influence the decision-making process.


Each of these agencies offers unique advantages and specializes in various aspects of modeling and talent representation. Maggie Inc. is lauded for its diversity and commitment to barrier-breaking models. WSM Talent brings a unique perspective with agents who have been models themselves. Model Club Inc. is known for its wide reach and nurturing approach to talent development. Lastly, Andrew Wilson Agency, LLC specializes in providing comprehensive representation in multiple areas of the entertainment industry.

Aspiring models and parents considering modeling for their teens should carefully evaluate these agencies, considering their specific needs and career aspirations. The right agency can provide not only opportunities and exposure but also guidance and support essential for a successful career in the competitive world of modeling.