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What Is the Best Age to Start Modeling?

What Is the Best Age to Start Modeling

Modeling has become an increasingly popular career choice for people of all ages. With the rise of social media and its impact on the fashion industry, more and more individuals are drawn to this profession to express their creativity, gain visibility, and make money. But what is the best age to start modeling?

The answer depends on several factors, including your maturity level, physical appearance, personality traits, and goals. While no definitive age range is ideal for starting a modeling career, it’s important to consider these elements when deciding whether or not you should pursue this path. Additionally, understanding how different models are used in various industries can help guide your decision-making process.

Understanding the Different Types of Modeling

Modeling is a popular profession, with various types available to aspiring models. From the high-profile and glamorous fashion industry to commercial advertising work and even parts modeling such as hands, feet, or facial features, it’s important for those interested in pursuing a career in this field to understand the differences between each type. In addition, fashion and editorial modeling require an eye-catching portfolio showcasing the best poses and angles of the model alongside runway shows and magazine spreads.

Commercial modeling is more about physical appearance than sophistication or poise, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor photo shoots, television spots, and even industrial modeling jobs such as product demonstrations; finally, part modeling is generally short-term gigs that focus on body parts rather than complete looks with projects such as print ads, TV commercials, or online content.

Understanding these various types of modeling will expand one’s opportunities when entering the world of professional modeling.

At What Age Did Popular Profesional Models Start Modeling?

Understanding how popular professional models began their careers can help aspiring models determine the ideal age to start modeling. Here is a table detailing the age at which some of the most successful models in the world got their start.

Famous Female Models Starting Age

ModelCurrent AgeAge Started ModelingAge First Paid Modeling Job
Gigi Hadid261818
Kendall Jenner251414
Bella Hadid241718
Hailey Bieber261616
Emily Ratajkowski302121
Cara Delevingne281018
Candice Swanepoel321515
Gigi Gorgeous302122
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley341616
Karlie Kloss291414
Adriana Lima401515
Gisele Bündchen441414
Miranda Kerr391313
Cindy Crawford551616
Naomi Campbell511515

Famous Male Models Starting Age

ModelCurrent AgeAge Started ModelingAge First Paid Modeling Job
David Beckham471818
Zayn Malik281616
Lucky Blue Smith231212
Pietro Boselli342626
Jon Kortajarena342121
Tyson Beckford501919
Mark Wahlberg491616
Sean O’Pry311818
Cristiano Ronaldo362020
Justin Bieber271313
Shia LaBeouf351717
Rafael Nadal361818
LeBron James371818
David Gandy412525

The Best Age to Start Modeling – Women

For women, the best age to start a career in modeling is later rather than earlier. This is because modeling often portrays beauty and lifestyle that can be unrealistic to young girls. However, when they reach the age of 16 or 17, they may be mature enough to recognize it as fiction and more able and willing to take precautions against pressures that could arise from either modeling jobs or the public reception of their appearance.

Additionally, their skill set would be more developed after schooling, further enhancing the quality of their portfolios – which would increase their chances for success in the highly competitive industry.

The Best Age to Start Modeling – Men

Modeling is a popular and lucrative career for many men, allowing them to reap the rewards of hard work and dedication. Although there isn’t an exact age at which modeling starts, the best age to start professional male modeling is between 16 and 21. This window of time between adolescence and adulthood allows aspiring models to be still considered fresh-faced while allowing them to gain experience and understanding of the industry before they reach their late twenties.

At this age, male models may be more open to taking risks in regard to their careers; whether by collaborating on audacious projects or adopting more avant-garde looks, modeling can allow them the freedom to experiment with different paths. However, the key to success will always lie in seeking truly unique opportunities that other models may not have access to.

Assessing Your Maturity Level, Physical Appearance, and Personality Traits

When pursuing a career in modeling, you must assess your maturity level and physical appearance. While looks play an important role in the industry, a professional attitude and demeanor are also essential to success. Knowing how to handle yourself on set, as well as being able to take direction with grace, will ensure that you are a viable candidate for jobs.

It is also important to recognize that personality traits, such as confidence and enthusiasm in your work, can be just as valuable to potential employers as physical appearance. In addition, being able to market yourself effectively is key; if you can portray an image of energy and excitement about your job, you will be more likely to land the job than someone whose portfolio is lackluster.

Setting Goals for Your Modeling Career

As a model, setting goals is crucial to ensure long-term success in the industry. However, it is important to formulate realistic and meaningful objectives when establishing your aims. Setting ambitious targets may be tempting, but aiming too high can lead to disappointment if they are not achieved. To reach them, you need to create an action plan with steps that you can realistically follow.

Breaking down bigger goals into smaller, achievable ones can also aid in reaching the ultimate aim. Additionally, continuously analyzing and reassessing objectives will help ensure your targets are being met efficiently and effectively.

Considering Age Restrictions in the Fashion Industry

Finally, it is important to know that some fashion companies may impose age restrictions on their models. These regulations can vary depending on the company, so research any modeling agencies you are interested in working with to understand their policies better.

When deciding at what age to begin a career in modeling, consider your physical appearance, maturity level, and confidence. With the right combination of these traits and a sharp focus on reaching achievable goals, you will be well on your way to success in the fashion industry.


Professional modeling can be an exciting career for those who have the drive and ambition to make it in the industry. It is important to understand the various types of modeling and what age is best to start. Additionally, you must assess your maturity level, physical appearance, and personality traits before pursuing this career.

Finally, setting goals for your modeling career is essential, as well as considering any age restrictions that the fashion industry may have. With these considerations in mind, you can set yourself up for success and make your mark on the modeling world.